How to print on mylar bags?

Many people run a small business but still want to build their brand for their business, they used to try to find the direct factory or manufacturer before and sent an inquiry, but the manufacturer set a large minimum quantity for customized orders, the MOQ is the least 10k pieces! These small business owners were scared to hear the MOQ and really feel upset, so they tried to search for a way to print mylar bags themselves.

How to print mylar bags at home?

Silk print

This is the easiest&costless way to custom mylar bags yourself at home, you need to buy the plain mylar bags first, and also the silk print tools/machines. It seems to be easy but takes a lot of time even if you have rich experience with it, the colors are usually up to 4 colors, and you can only print very simple designs.

UV print

Have you ever known about how to print a T-shirt? in most cases people use a UV printer to print graphics on the T-shirt, and it also applies to mylar bags. But make sure you buy the correct plain mylar bags, the surface material of the mylar bag in the market is usually OPP, you have to buy the PE material otherwise the graphic will be scratched off easily. The problem is, you can hardly find the mylar bag with the PE material for the surface in the market. If you get lucky to find the correct mylar bag, the color performance maybe disappoints you, and the definition is not very high.

How to custom mylar bags near me?

We talked about the common 2 ways to print mylar bags at home, they are not good solutions, is there a better way? yes, you can make a custom label/sticker for your plain mylar bags, and everyone can find a print store nearby. After you confirm the size of the mylar baggies you needed, the next step is to figure out the label size and deliver the designs to the print shop. After the label is completed, you apply the label to the mylar bags one by one.

Mylar bag with labels is still a comprehensive solution. First of all, it takes a lot of labor work. Secondly, you can never apply the label very well that your customer can not notice it.

Your brand deserved professional packaging to bring confidence to your customers.

Digital print mylar bags with a low minimum

Benefits of the latest technology, the professional digital printing machine can make professional mylar bags with small quantities and multiple designs, the colors are vibrant and no extra plate fee, it is really a game-changer compared with traditional mylar bag machine(large quantity, plate fee). Let’s say you have 5 designs, the minimum quantity is 200pcs each design, total 1000pcs you will get 5 different designs!

Can I buy a digital print machine and print  at home?

Unluckily you can not. This machine is not like a home/office printer, the professional digital print is very big and expensive(more than $2000,000), and it requires many workers in the production process.


In conclusion, digital printing is the best solution for a business to start, if you still have further questions about it, please contact us, we are here to help you out.

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